This makes me happy.  Those clever people at M.I.T have designed / improved on designs for a kind of Nuclear Molten Salt reactor which allows us to use the 97% of fuel which is left in each Uranium rod, without reprocessing.  "Simply" dissolve the spent Uranium in molten salt and feed this special reactor with it and almost all of what is left can be used.

We have enough waste Uranium lying around to power the whole world for 80 years.  And we have millions of years worth of Thorium.

See, the problem we face at the moment is that we're too fixated on global warming. It is the ultimate "Will-they-won't-they" soap opera. The elephant in the room is that the oil and gas will likely run out first, and unless the equatorial countries can be persuaded to set up massive solar farms to power the world (Which the Americans wouldn't allow), we are essentially screwed.

Welcome to the cure:

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