Some people on the Interwebs are lovely.

In trying to fix my old but faithful Eurohike tent, I found I have no idea how long the poles are supposed to be.  This is a bit of a problem if you have snapped a section and lost part of it.  It is even more of a problem when this wasn't even the right pole to start with (It's not the first repair)  

Searching around, I could not find any spec that actually tells you how long the poles are.  But I did find a chap selling an identical tent on eBay.  He very kindly told me what I needed to know: 

"Short total length is 1765mm assembled, long total length is 2654mm assembled and compressed as used.Short arc has shorter poles than long arc and of course end poles are different length to middle section and depends on whether you include metal tube. However from total lengths given you can make to suit"

What a legend.  Hopefully this will now be useful to someone else too.


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